Helping people to help themselves…

Self Help Services helps people to help themselves. We believe people should be able to choose the care and treatment they require, and that services should be accessible and delivered flexibly.

Since 1995 we have developed, co-ordinated and delivered a menu of services for people living with mental health and emotional difficulties. It’s amazing to see how far we have come, from our first self help group – developed over 18 years ago and still running today – to where we are now, a leading third sector provider of the NHS talking therapy programmes and primary care mental health services.

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Making a difference

Our approach works
We’re fortunate enough to work with leading GPs, commissioners and experts in the mental health field. We provide opinion and contribute to academic research, featuring in a number of academic research papers, most recently ‘The Implementation of Computerized Cognitive Behavioural Therapies’ which featured in the Journal of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy.

Self Help Services has been called upon to provide advice and expertise to statutory bodies and other third sector organisations. Our consultancy service has been put to use in areas such as service user engagement, setting up cCBT services and meeting IAPT key performance indicators. The requirements for these services are increasing as the importance of user-led care is becoming critical in the field of mental health.

And we’re growing all the time
In the last two years we’ve:

  • Increased our turnover by 70% to over £1.4m
  • Increased our number of staff by 70%
  • Increased our volunteers by 40%
  • Created more services to increase the number of people we can help by over 60%

We’re also investing in our future:

  • We’ve further developed our clinical and corporate Governance structures and processes to ensure robust standards across our organisation
  • We’ve invested in data reporting and measurement of service user outcomes,focusing on recovery
  • We’ve developed a service specific database which streamlines the administration processes

Self Help Services place the people using our services at the forefront of everything we do.