Online therapy

With eTherapy, you can work through a series of exercises on your computer and learn self-help techniques to help you manage any problems in your life and feel better about yourself.

Our trained staff and volunteers are available to provide you with guidance and assistance when you access our eTherapy programmes

eTherapy How it Works leaflet

Our award-winning service provides therapy online and is proven to help you overcome anxiety, depression and issues related to low mood and stress.

“I can get out and about and feel more confident”

“It was really easy to get referred and was seen quickly. The setup of the programme was brilliant that I was able to access it at any point throughout the therapy and it was better than I thought it would be. Also impressed that I am able to continue to access it for another year.

“The course has given me more purpose and helped to organise self better. Waking up feeling better and brighter.”

“Has helped to show me where my problems laid. Was very helpful and easy to follow. Great that I can access the information after the initial 8 week programme.”

“Very friendly informative service with plenty of info and resources given to help me manage my anxiety and worries.”

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