Online, interactive e-therapy support for young people and their carers

If you are supporting a young person who you think would benefit from our services, you can refer them to our ICR (Integrated Community Response) Young Person eTherapy Service by completing our referral form.

Click here to download a referral form. Download File
How it works

Our online interactive eTherapy Service (for 11 – 18 year olds) is here to help with how thoughts have an impact on feelings, physical symptoms and behaviours.

It teaches techniques and strategies to help young people to cope better with negative thoughts, feelings, low mood andanxiety, as well as building on wellbeing and resiliency.

Our e-therapy programme can take between four to eight weeks to complete and the young person will be supported weekly by an e-therapy coordinator by either face to face and/or telephone support while they complete the course.

  • Generalised anxiety and/or depression
  • Stress (e.g. school, exams, financial)
  • Low self esteem
  • Panic/ Insomnia
  • Bereavement reaction but willing to work on ‘here and now’ not explore bereavement
  • Low risk present (i.e. fleeting thoughts, low intensity with protective factors
  • Not currently undergoing any other therapy
  • Able to identify goals
  • The young person must have consented to engage in support
Exclusion Criteria

Unfortunately we are unable to accept referrals for young people living in Trafford or anyone who is experiencing the following:

  • Symptoms suggestive of Psychosis/ PTSD
  • Unwilling to engage in guided self help
  • Bereavement that the client wishes to discuss
  • Immediate risk to self or others
  • Active self-harming

Please note that lack of IT skills/familiarity with computers is not an exclusion criteria as support will be on hand at all times.

To find out more about the eTherapy service, please contact us on 0161 226 3871 or make a referral using the form available for download above.