Unfortunately we have no vacancies for Peer Support volunteers at the present time.

Any change to this position will be noted here but in the meantime if you would like to volunteer for Self Help and to support our services have you considered our other volunteering roles?

E-Therapy – Supporting people to access e-Therapy at one of a range of community venues to make positive changes to lifestyle and thinking.

Drop in Groups – Supporting a facilitator to deliver one of our drop in groups for people who wish talk about and work through their concerns.

Connect – Researching the services and community resources needed to meet the assessed needs of individual clients.

Administration – Helping with some of the back office support that monitors and records our services and makes their effective delivery possible.

About Peer Support

Peer to Peer is, as its name suggests, is a one to one service where a trained volunteer mentor arranges to meet someone in need of support in an approved public place, normally for one hour a week for up to four months.

It’s not an advice or guidance based service and doesn’t require specific skills or knowledge, but it does need the volunteer to have personal lived experience of a mental health issue rather than experience gained from helping someone else. The support offered relies heavily on this experience and it’s important to be able to build trust and a good relationship while maintaining strict professional boundaries.

If you are seeking support or have a friend or family member who may benefit from this service further details are available here

Peer Support