Middle-aged people are the least happy, have the lowest levels of life satisfaction and the highest levels of anxiety, as shown by the latest official wellbeing statistics from ONS.

Personal well-being data from 300,000 adults in the UK has been collected between 2012 to 2015. It found that life satisfaction and happiness reduced in respondents’ aged 35 and over.

Things do improve once people reach 60 and the 65-79 age group have the highest average levels of personal wellbeing, however it dips again after 80. So enjoy those years’ while you can.

The report found: “In contrast, those in their middle years may have more demands placed on their time and might struggle to balance work and family commitments.”

“Evidence shows that people are having children later. Therefore, another possible reason for lower scores for the middle-age groups could result from the burden caused by having to care for both parents and children at the same time.”

In response to the findings, Nicky Lidbetter, Chief Officer for Self Help, commented:

“It is interesting to see that those in their middle ages are now cited as being the most anxious. This shows the need for services to be delivered in an accessible manner as people of this age group are likely to have numerous responsibilities, such as being a parent/carer, being in full-time employment. All of these commitments impact on a person’s ability to access support delivered in traditional office hours and through traditional means.

At Self Help, we have championed the delivery of psychological therapy via our highly accessible and effective eTherapy services which support those with anxiety and depression.”

If you feel that you or someone you know may have anxiety, depression or any other common mental health difficulty, it is important to speak to someone, such as your GP or friend or family member, as soon as possible so you are not alone in dealing with it and can get the right help and support.

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