Researchers from the University of Manchester are currently looking forpeople to be involved in the design and planning of a research project on mental health. The initial involvement is a one off meeting, but there could be more opportunities for participants in the future.For further information, please see the briefing as below, provided by the organisers.

The research project
We know that people with conditions which cause symptoms such as hearing voices, paranoia, or unusual beliefs, often also have poor sleep. We are designing a research project to develop and test a non-drug treatment, a ‘behavioural’ treatment, to help improve sleep in people with these conditions.

Public and Patient Involvement
Public and Patient Involvement in research can make for better research, by making sure that the views of the people the research aims to help are taken into account. Public or Patient Involvement is different from participating in research as a ‘subject’ or participant.

What does it involve
You would attend a discussion group to give your opinion about the research question, and to help develop the plan for how to investigate this research question. These will be small group discussions, not likely to be more than 6 people. If you are unable to attend a group discussion a one to one discussion could be offered.

A small payment (£10 voucher) will be provided, plus lunch and travel expenses.

Who can get involved
We want to hear from people with conditions which cause symptoms like hearing voices, paranoia, or unusual beliefs. This might include: schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, delusional disorder. We also have places for a small number of people who are family or close friends of someone with one of these conditions to contribute.

Groups will be between Tuesday 29th March and Friday 1st April around lunchtime, in the Manchester region. Please contact Sophie Faulkner for more information on07950 263 641.