Self Help is pleased to announce the launch of the new film ‘Peer Support: A Shared Journey’. Following the success of their tandem-inspired film last year, the team has co-produced another exciting instalment in collaboration with the Institute of Mental Health, based in the Nottingham.

Having developed a strong working relationship with the Institute of Mental Health, founded on the principles of peer support, the team wanted to take the opportunity to share this with a wider audience, as a celebration of true co-production and the power of peer support.

Co-funded by Self Help and the Institute and produced as part of the Institute’s Peer Support Managed Innovation Network, the film celebrates peer support and the layers of benefits it offers – to peers, trainers, organisations and communities.

Peer Support Film LaunchAndrea Lyons, Community Services Manager from Self Help commented, “As a user-led mental health charity, providing peer support enables our communities to make and keep the connections that improve mental health. Working with The Institute of Mental Health changed a couple of days training that was about skills, awareness raising and knowledge into something that actually did change people’s lives and thinking.”

Emma Watson from the Institute of Mental Health Peer Support Team said, “We used the idea of building and decorating a marquee to illustrate how we had come together to create something exciting and creative. We learnt so much through working together and everybody contributed some of their experiences in interviews, which really brings the film to life. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating it!”

The film will be used as a means of visually communicating the benefits of the team’s approach to peer support to organisations and peers who are interested in learning more.

To watch the film, go to the Institute of Mental Health website:

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