How can we help?
NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Talking Therapies provide psychological therapies to help who are feeling distressed by difficult events in their lives as well as people with common mental health difficulties.

The therapy we offer can be provided one-to-one, in a group, over the phone, via video call or online.

Who are we for?
Our service is for anyone aged 16+ who is registered with a GP in Heywood, Middleton or Rochdale. Our team are based in various community venues across the Rochdale.

What can we help with?
Many people experience problems with how they think and feel at some point in their lives. Life changing events like losing a job, an accident, the loss of a loved one, a traumatic incident or even moving house can lead to difficult feelings that can be hard to cope with. Sometimes, there may be no event that has triggered how you are feeling – this is common too.

These experiences can lead to difficulties with our mental health. Difficulties such as feeling depresses, anxious, stressed, panicked, nervous, isolated, or not being to sleep make it difficult for us to cope with day-to-day life.

Our team of friendly and approachable advisors and therapists can help you overcome your difficulties and manage them better. We will make sure that you see the right person for your situation.

Opening times:
Monday - Friday from 8:30am - 5pm
Give us a call, speak to your GP, or fill in our online form.

Health professionals can refer clients by completing our online professionals form.

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